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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Halloween Cat Makeup Look

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This is just my version of a cat look for Halloween. I will be doing this again sometime soon either in a video, or just to take a better picture.

I used a black cream color base and applied it all over my lid, and applied very lightly some more under my eye, try to get as close to the water line as you can.

I gently blended my lid, and then applied very lightly a darker purple sparkly eye shadow all over my lid just to help set the black I used earlier.

I then took a grey color eye shadow and applied it just under my eye brow,
then used a cream color shadow right above it and into my inner eye corner just to highlight it.

I then used liquid black eye liner just to outline the top and bottom of my eye,
and brought out my top line quite a bit just to make it look more like a cat's eye.

Then for the more difficult part, I slowly used the liquid eye liner again on my inner eye corner and brought out the line as clean as I could.
It does take a bit of patients and you may have to attempt it a few times to make both eyes similar.

Then I used a thinner brush liquid eye liner and started above my lid making the leopard print spots, and just slowly moved up my eye. It doesn't need to be perfect cause most of the time no spots are alike anyways. I find it looks better and is actually easier to do if you just make more " C" shapes, instead of just perfect circles.
You can stop at your eyebrow, but in this case I just felt like a really dramatic look, so I went just above my eye brow. I went smaller as I went up in this case.

Then I used a white liquid color and thin brush, and filled in all of my spots carefully. After that dried I used a orange-ish color and put it right on top of all of that white, try to be as neat as possible.
Then I used a gold color and went just over my orange color, I find it looks very dramatic and pretty when the 2 colors blend together.
Then I just applied false eye lashes and applied my face makeup and a light amount of pink blush.
Next the nose - I used just a cheap regular black eye liner pencil. Slowly start in the middle part and go down slightly, and go right above your nostrils, and fill in the rest. I then applied a light black eye shadow on the center just to help set it.
Then gently make a line down to just above your lips, and make a few dots for the whiskers.
Next if you want you can outline your lips with the same black eye liner. And then apply a really nice red lipstick. In this case I did just use my pink color and a bit of lip gloss. If you don't want to use lipstick you can also use a lip pencil instead.

This is just a fun look to do for Halloween with a set of cat ears, whiskers, and a tail if you want.
I'm thinking about using this again for going out this year as well, just cause if you have the time it is really easy and just fun to do.

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Jonna said...

Cute look! Eyes are amazing and I love the leopard spots :) Good tutorial too, you explained it so well what were you doing! x