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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Views On Abortion

No woman should be forced to have a child. There are so many reasons why they might need to have an abortion. Accidental pregnancy, rape, birth defects, danger to the mothers health, etc. Being a parent takes an insane amount of responsibility, kids are expensive, and they take up a lot of your time. Forcing the woman to have the child when they did not want to would be forcing them to give up their jobs, dreams, and life that they had planned out. In the first trimester when a woman is given the option of an abortion, all the embryo is, is a clump of tissue. It isn't an actual human yet. This small clump of tissue has no rights, it doesn't even have thoughts or feelings. There is no reason this thing should have the ability to ruin a woman's life, when it doesn't even have a life of its own yet. Also it would be horrible to have a child when you are not even close to being prepared and if the child turned out to be ill after etc, because of this. I am entirely supportive of abortion in these kinds of cases, and women should have the right to do so if they wish and absolutely need to do so.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and these are just my views on this topic.
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