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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bad Habit! HELP?

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Ever since I was little I have been cursed with the bad habit of nail biting.
I currently work with food so I can't put my hands near my mouth the entire day, I then admire how long and pretty my nails are getting, but once I get home or have a day off I have no power over it and bite like there's no tomorrow! I wish for this to end for good so I can have pretty nails that I can decorate and keep gorgeous. So my question for you guys is..Have you ever had the nail biting curse and if you got over it, how?!?!?


Eri said...

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Emmy♥ said...

Hey, i feel your pain at work my nails are always getting chipped & I cant help to bite them & make it worse lol

You can buy some thing which is like a little pot of liquid you dip your nails in & it tastes HORRIBLE, so the idea is everytime u bite your nails you get this horrible taste so it stops you biting them lol. I cant remember the name its something like 'stop n grow' you can get it from most drug stores :)


FashionGirlMonica said...

@ Emmy - sounds gross! but helpful :) thanks I think the store near by sells that actually so I will give it a try! Thanks so much girly

Maddalena said...

My mom used to have it, and she used something that she bought in the store. It tastes very bad, so when you put your nails in your mouth you immediatly stop biting! But i don't know how its called..

Louela Daniele said...

i still have the same bad habit! when i was young my parents use to put chili tasting nail polish on my nails so i wont bite it! it burned and tasted like hot peppers in your mouth!!! i got around it and just used nail polish remover to remove it.

now a days, i just leave my nail polish on for a while. im only tempted to bite them when they start chipping. i usually just leave them on coz i went through all that trouble to have my nails all prettyfied just to later bite them off? not logical whatsoever.

i dont put my nails in my mouth as often because i could be carrying some germs on my fingers! thats just asking to be sick!

hope this helps girl!!
xoxo louela