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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Fav Songs of the week

So I love music! I cannot go a day without listening to music, it's a problem haha. But I thought since I always am finding new bands and new songs I like, I will do a songs of the week blog post. I love all different kinds of music. Some of the bands I might include I have liked for a long time, but still.

They are in random order.

1. Teach me how to dougie - California swag district

2. Knockout - Lil Wayne ft. Nicki Minaj
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3. Ashley - Escape the Fate (LOVE ALL OF THEIR SONGS FOR LIFE)
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4. 12 Hours, 630 Miles - Dance Gavin Dance (ONE OF MY FAV BANDS FOR SURE)
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5. Make You Smile - +44
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6. Baby's Got Her Gun Out - Rediscover (ONE OF MY FAVE BANDS)
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7. Chick Flick Tears- Go Periscope (ONE OF MY FAV BANDS)

8. You're Pretty Good Looking - The White Stripes
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9. Your Bigest Fan - Nevershoutnever!
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10. Angels & Saints - Neverending White Lights
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A neat little fact- My cousin Brett Boivin is a great singer, and actually made his first music video for a song he wrote :)
Check it out! vvvvvv


What kinds of music do you guys like? :) Send me some awesome bands to check out! I always love to check out new music.




my favourite artists are Owl City, Lady Gaga, The Plasticines, Imogen Heap, Lisa Mitchell and Regina Spektor! i'll be sure to check these out :) thanks for sharing & following! i'm following back - your blog is lovely ♥

FashionGirlMonica said...

@ CHANTELLE - I love Owl City, some of Lady Gaga, and Regina Spektor too. I'll be sure to check out those others thanks! Your blog is lovely too :) thanks for following hun

Mila said...

Love the last one!
My favorites are The Doors,Metallica,Joy Division,The Smiths......... :)

Jonna said...

Never heard any of those bands you mentioned..

My fave bands are Boy George, Culture Club, Dead Or Alive, Soft Cell..
Jeffree Star, Blood On The Dance Floor. :) x

IsauraQuevedo said...

I loved lil wayne! well I love beyonce,muse,miley cyrus,radiohead,snow patrol, the plasticines, james morrison, corinne bailey rae.. So many tipes os music, i even like classical music
xoxoo, lovely blog btw

FashionGirlMonica said...

Thanks everyone :)