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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Get to know me better

Things about me
- I was born in Vancouver BC. I currently live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Throughout my life I've moved back and forth between the 2 places, but most of my life I have lived here.

- I am 18 years old, turning 19 on August 14th.

- My parents are divorced and each have a girlfriend/boyfriend. I used to switch houses every week to live with both of them, but since I work in this area I live with my mom full time now, and visit my dad when I can.

-I have a little sister, she's currently 13. My dad's girlfriend also has 2 older boys.

-I HAVE 7 CATS! Between both of the houses haha. Josie, Serge, Boots, and Zoey live at my dad's house. Toby, Blossom and Music live with me at my mom's house. I love them all :) they are like my babies. I don't have pictures of them all right now, but I'll post some later :) cause they are all super cute.

-I have a boyfriend, his name is Jeremy. He's amazing in every way :).

-I am currently looking into going back to school to go into health care.

-I am working in the food services right now, but have also been into an office job and several retail jobs.

-I love art, photography, fashion, makeup, going out for drinks/food, the beach, amusement parks, people, and animals.

hmm I can't think of anything else haha. But if there's anything you wanna ask let me know :)

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awww, you're so gorgeous! ah, i love cats :) i adore art, fashion, the beach and amusement parks, as well! lovely blog ♥

FashionGirlMonica said...

@CHANTELLE Aw thank you :) I love your blog too btw!


Thanks for the visit, cute and interesting blog you got here. And my! You look very pretty!!:-)

libys11 said...

yay!!! you live in winnipeg too!!! :D hurray coz im from there too!

Animated Confessions

FashionGirlMonica said...

@ libys11- awesome! :) Yeah I love it here

Anonymous said...

Oh you look so pretty! I'm jealous you have 7 cats, I'm such a cat lady but my parents won't let me take anymore in haha! x

Anonymous said...

SEVEN cats! woooahhh you lucky girl, I LOVE cats! I used to have three (and a dog). I really miss having pets!

FashionGirlMonica said...

@ Ariel/Cafe Bellini - I'm totally a cat person haha, I also used to have a dog her name was Roxie, she was a husky rottweiler mix. So cute! :) thanks everyone!

Jonna said...

Lovely post, nice to learn more about you ^_^
Gorgeous pic, you look awesome! x