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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Keep that chin up girl!

Have you ever felt that nothing seems to go your way?
-Are feeling poked fun of
-Lost or don't have a job
-Been heartbroken
-Frustrated with yourself

I think everyone has felt at least a few of those things before. Now some positivity, all of the most unique and best kinds of people were laughed at, made fun of, judged, and had many challenges to overcome. Then something amazing happened to them!
As soon as something difficult comes up to figure out and get over, you always have another option that will make everything worth it in the end.

I have been in some very upsetting frustrating situations...thinking all hope for my dreams and future were gone....but little did I know...because I was put into those situations....it's always caused something amazing to happen later.

I have had been in difficult relationships, had/have health issues, lost/quit jobs, been bullied and pushed down and stepped all over for years on and off. But now I see all that I have gained because of this, I have so many options and dreams for the future.

As long as you keep people close that make you happy and feel good just to be yourself, and keep dreaming, you'll have something wonderful to look forward to in the future!



love it! everything always happens for a reason

Claire Elizabeth said...

Aww that's a lovely post :) I've been feeling super sorry for myself recently because I don't have a job, even though my life is pretty good in the scheme of things and I have a lovely boyfriend, I still get down about the fact I have nothing to do, but hopefully when I find work that will change :) x

MsShopMuch said...

I also have recently been let go from work. But on the bright side, I was let go only because the owner was planning to go in a completely different direction for his entire business, and I can use him as a very good reference. Plus I also have an amazing boyfriend and because I was let go from work I can go on a trip to Vancouver even sooner than I planned :) so it all worked out perfectly!
Thanks girls! <3

Jonna said...

Great post! x