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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Tag- random facts

I tag anyone that wants to do this. State five random facts about yourself & tag five bloggers.

Five Random Facts :

1- I'm a crazy cat lady! I have 7 kitties(my babies). Three at my mom's- Toby, Blossom, and Music (I fell in love with her name the day we went to adopt her hehe).
Four at my dad's- Josie (Named after Josie and the pussycats movie), Serge, Boots, and Zoey. I love them all :)

2- I love food and enjoy eating like nobody you've ever met. I have a crazy fast metabolism, I'm pretty thankful for that haha. My favorite type of foods all fall under Chinese food MMmmm. My 3 favorite restaurants here are Mongos Grill, Koya, and
Foodie Goodie YUM!

3- I am a giant! I went last year around September and they measured me as 5'10, came back for another check up in January this year and they measured me now as 5'11! My mom is 5'9 and my dad is 6'4, so I was destined to be a giant haha. It can be a good thing, but at times it's annoying. Shopping for pants is difficult, and I sometimes hate towering over all my super short friends haha.

4- I have an odd form of scoliosis. Which means I have a curve in my spine, but unlike most people mine also is slightly turned so it's pretty much like my body is twisted, but thankfully you cant see this on the outside gah haha. It just feels like back pain all the time, and it causes me to get bruises most of the time, and because it slightly twists my body, my chest plate is shifted which makes my breast bone slightly noticeable. I can do everything a regular person can, but have to be more careful which is good I think, could be a lot worse. A lot of people are mean about it..make comments if I'm not standing up straight for a minute, or call me hunch back or stretch- people are rude.. it really makes me self conscious, but then again a lot of other people tell me you can't even tell etc so that makes me feel much better. It sucks that it's something I cant fix right now (cause doctors are unsure how they would have a successful surgery). But until it gets a lot worse I can live with it and have kids etc like any other girl :)

5- I love art. I love to paint, draw, and all that jazz. Ever since I was little I've found it relaxing and entertaining. I've always taken art classes in school too hehe.

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