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Friday, July 2, 2010


Here are the questions.

1. Who is the closest person to you in the world?
-I think the person that currently is closest to me and knows the most about me is my boyfriend. He really knows the real me, and always knows how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking without me having to tell him.

2. What make up products you couldn't live without?
I defiantly couldn't live without eye liner of some sort, and foundation I guess too. Just because I wear those things everyday.

3. Which is your favorite time of the day, are you a morning person or a night person?
I am most defiantly a night person haha, have been since I was a baby. When I'm not busy I try to sleep in as much as possible.

4. Which is the best vacation you’ve ever had in your life?
Well SO FAR, the best vacation would have to be last year when I went to Disney World in Florida, for my graduation/bday gift. My aunt, uncle and cousin took me along with them. It was the most exciting 2 weeks of my life! Everyday felt like a dream, and of course I took tons of pictures.

5. If there is one thing that you could change from the past, what would that be?
Honestly although not everything in the past was great, I wouldn't change anything, because I may not be where I am today.

6. What do you dream of?
I dream of having an amazing life, family/friends, and many more adventures in the future.

7. If you were to change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Hmm..I think I would change the size of my feet haha, because it's so hard to find cute shoes that come in my size and don't make me look like a giant.

8. What is the best thing that has ever happened to you?
Life. :)

My questions!
1. If you could be any piece of clothing, what would you be?
2. When was the last time you felt excited about something? What was it?
3. What's your favorite childhood memory?
4. Cats or dogs?
5. Where do you see yourself in 2 years?
6. What's your favorite season, why?
7. If you could only bring 5 things with you everywhere, what would they be?
8. What is your favorite part of your body?

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Ansa said...

Love your answer to number # 8. Great post xx

Jonna said...

Yay :) This was interesting to read!

Mimi said...

hi there! i want to go to disney world! i imagine it would be a blast. :D

btw, thanks for following my blog! :D


Carrie said...

haha. i'm definitely a night person too:D i get kinda cranky in the morning.

i'm now a new follower. follow me too?