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Sunday, August 8, 2010


Hey everyone :)
So I am just finishing up my packing, because I leave for Vancouver tomorrow morning! My plane takes off at 7 am, and lands in Vancouver at 8am. So after doing the time change math, it's about 3 hours. Which means I have to get up SUPER EARLY!!!! haha
For the past week or so I have been too excited and nervous to sleep properly! Every night I go to bed and can't help but constantly think of things I have to remember to pack/do, and then I get all excited about seeing everyone once I'm there etc UGH. It's good, but I'm getting tired of kicking myself in the morning for this. Every night feels like Christmas is the next morning, it's an uncontrollable feeling!

So everyone cross your fingers that I will get LOTS of sleep tonight, and possibly more on the plane tomorrow morning!!! :) I can't wait!!! haha

I'm going to take tonnnsssss of pictures the entire time I am there :) and I'm sure it will feel so good to be there because it's been years since I lived there etc.

I'm going to be there from August 9th - 20th night. I'll miss you all and make sure to make a post all about this adventure when I get back :) <3

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libys11 said...

how exciting!!! :D enjoy your vacation!!! :D i wish i can go there one day too! :D

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Jonna said...

Sounds exciting :) have a great time!! x

Anonymous said...

Good post. Thanks 4 following & commenting!

Dani Banani said...

i bet you had an amazing vacantion!!!congrats!hope u had lots of fun!kisses

Anonymous said...

Love the pictures... makes me want to go to a big city like right now :)

Simoelles said...

Enjoy your vacation !! Those photos are so amazing, I want to go there too :)