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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Update! Piercing, Jobs, Moving, etc

Long time no .. you know the rest.
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Sighhh.. since I have arrived back home from Vancouver I've been super busy, and sadly haven't had any time to go on here!
So I thought I should do a quick update :)

I celebrated my birthday as soon as I got home. Yay! I'll probably make another post soon with some of the neat stuff I got from all of my parents.

I have also gotten a new full time job on top of this other full time one I've had for a few years.
I'm super happy with both of them!

I've also been thinking a lot about moving out soon, and my boyfriend coming back here.
I've gotten quite a bit of things for my new place, and have been still saving like crazyyy! I think it's a good thing for people to buy some of the simple things that they'll need once they move out a head of time. Such as dishes, can opener, etc. Another good idea that I had was to ask for some of these things as gifts for birthdays etc.

For the past week I've been stuffed with the flu that's going around. I'm glad I don't have to work at this time, but it's still no fun to put up with a stuffy head.
I'm slowly noticing a different though and getting better.

Lastly, I've been wanting my belly button pierced for a few years, and got it today! YAY! Since I only have each ear pierced twice, I was super nervous but mostly excited to get it done finally. I went with my friend Tanya, she held my hand and she now plans on getting hers too.
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I expected it to hurt a lot more than it did, although it still hurt a lot haha.
It was a really intense pinching feeling, and stung quite a bit. But thankfully it was done super fast :) and once he was done cleaning it, it didn't hurt anymore. I just got the plain silver bar. The piercing in total was only $40.00, so that was a great deal! Most places here I've seen it is at least $60.00 - $75.00
I'm very glad I didn't back out and that I waited to get it. I can't wait, six weeks more and I can change it to anything :)
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Well that's all for this update

I will post again soon with a bunch of new things I have gotten recently.

Hope you are all having a wonderful day/night! :)

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Jonna said...

Many bloggers seem to have been busy lately... Me included :D

Congrats on getting a full time job! That's great.. Moving out, sounds great! I'd love to move out too but well, I'm a student and don't have a job so saving is difficult..

The belly piercing looks nice!